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2013 Success story

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Erica takes control of her family’s future

When talking to Erica about her family’s experience at Holy Family Day Home, it is hard to believe they arrived here less than a year ago. With a desire to take control of the future for both her and her family, Erika looked to the Day Home for guidance and support after years of challenges. Now, a year has passed and so many positive changes have happened.

Erika’s son, Husani, joined the Dolphin class for six months before starting kindergarten. According to Erica, “even in that short period of time, his behavior and enthusiasm for school did a complete one-eighty thanks to the guidance of Teacher Debra.” Husani was flourishing and gaining the knowledge and self-confidence he needed to excel in the next steps of his educational career. After a few months on the waiting list, Erica moved her youngest daughter, Rihanna, from a daycare center to the Day Home because of the astounding progression she saw her son make in his short time here.

As her children learned in the classroom, Erica began to work with Susan King, our Family Services Supervisor. This partnership helped Erica determine goals and outline the steps necessary to create a healthy and stable home life for her and her children. The first step was to find employment, and in a tight employment market, they both knew it would be an uphill battle. With guidance from Susan, Erica composed a strong resume and interviewed with confidence resulting in her current position as a dedicated member of the Goodwill workforce.

This newfound employment meant a more stable income, but did not come without challenges. Being a single parent working outside the traditional 9-5 schedule, getting her daughter to and from school every day is a huge struggle. Despite the temptation to switch to a more conveniently located school, Erica understands the importance of consistency for Rihanna and the positive effects it has during early childhood. Also, Rihanna is already making leaps and bounds in growth and development, with huge increases in her comprehension and communications skills. Erica cites the quality of care and outpouring of love from the teachers and staff as major contributing factors to this growth, even carrying lessons from the classroom into their home, like reading together, to create continuity in learning throughout the day.

Now, thanks to more collaboration with Susan, Erica and her family no longer live in transitional housing and instead live in their own stable home. With help from the teachers and staff at Holy Family Day Home, Erica is on the path to continued success, making education and stability the top priorities for her family, and fulfilling her wish for Rihanna to “find independence and never have to rely on anyone else to be happy.”

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