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2012 Annual Report

A word from our Executive Director, Donna Cahill


Dear friends,

It is with extreme gratitude that I express my heartfelt thanks to you, our Board, staff, alumni and donors for your extraordinary generosity and efforts to help the Day Home grow and evolve to meet the needs of our families. Thanks to your continued care 2012 was an amazing year:

  • 99% of our graduates successfully moved on to kindergarten, and it is reported to us that many are leaders in their classrooms.
  • 91% of our homeless families found and maintained safe and stable housing and are now working or in school full-time.
  • 70% of our 161 children and families received subsidized education and services.
  • Our new and expanded, state-of-the-art Infant and Toddler Wing opened in the Fall.
  • Our successful Evening Program expanded from one to three nights per week.
  • We enhanced the quality of our program by instituting a Continuity of Care education model, which minimizes annual classroom transitions for our children whose lives are often already full of change. This model allows for the creation of a circle of care that surrounds our children for up to five years, whereby children and parents develop more meaningful relationships over a longer period of time with their teachers, peers and other parents in their class.

Our children and families are contributing members of our community, thanks to the hope and opportunity you make possible. We pray for YOUR continuity of care in that you will continue to partner with us to achieve a vision where more Bay Area children and families have the opportunity and skills to maintain stable, healthy lives, realize their potential and become contributing members of our community. Thank you again for the inspiration that you provide for all of us who work at the Day Home and for your unwavering support.

With love and gratitude,

Donna signature

Donna M. Cahill
Executive Director

Donna Cahill is making an impact on families in San Francisco

Congratulations to our Executive Director, Donna Cahill for being honored by Mayor Ed Lee, the Board of Supervisors, and the Department on the Status of Women, as a Woman Making History in San Francisco. This award was presented at the March 19 Board of Supervisors meeting to Ms. Cahill and other outstanding female leaders who improve the quality of life for San Franciscans. For nearly 37 years she has worked tirelessly, touching the lives of thousands of underserved children and families. This award focuses on her efforts beginning sixteen years ago when she developed Holy Family Day Home’s unique two-generation intervention, tailored to the specific needs of our children and families, who are working to break the multigenerational cycle of poverty and homelessness.

If you would like to honor Donna Cahill’s achievements, please donate to the Embrace-A-Child Sholarship Fund.

Financial Report



Ethan and CoryEthan and Cory thank you!

One year ago, two-year-old Ethan was with his mother, grandfather and grandmother in the family truck on Highway 85, on their way to meet his daddy, when his grandmother lost control of the vehicle. The truck flipped and tragically killed Ethan’s mommy and grandfather. His grandmother was driving while under the influence of alcohol and is now in jail facing two second-degree murder charges. Miraculously, Ethan wiggled out of his car seat and walked straight down the highway, when an angel, a passing stranger, picked him up and placed him in her empty car seat, delivering him to safety.

Ethan’s father, Cory, was in an emotional daze when he walked through the Holy Family Day Home doors and was later given the good news that Ethan would soon be a Bear Cub, thanks to a generous donor who provided a full scholarship. Ethan was thrilled with his new school and friends. He quickly became an enthusiastic learner, a skilled tricycle racer, one of Chef Art’s biggest fans, and dearly loved by his teachers and friends.

Father and son were gently guided toward healing by the combination of extraordinary care by staff and a skilled Mental Health Care Worker. Despite the fact that he was an exceptionally bright and good-natured little boy, he was demonstrating signs of emotional trauma. For example, for many months he turned every toy truck and car upside down. Cory was grateful to learn techniques to help his son and himself cope with the loss.

Today Ethan is a happy student in the Sunflower classroom, where he loves playing with best pals Noah and Alex. Ethan and Cory continue to receive regular therapeutic services at the Day Home and Ethan is eligible to receive counseling from the UCSF Child Trauma Research Project until his eighteenth birthday.

Dad said, “If it had not been for the Day Home, I probably wouldn’t have such a happy little boy today. I am so thankful to all of Ethan’s teachers, especially Serena, who responded to his emotional needs with an outpouring of love and attention when he needed it most. The Mental Health Care Worker taught me that the most important thing was for both of us to talk about our feelings. Knowing that Ethan was in a safe and loving place every day, let me go to my job and go on with our lives. Thanks to Holy Family Day Home, we are recovering from a devastating tragedy.”

If it hadn’t been for the support of a generous donor, Ethan would not be at the Day Home. There are 20 children waiting for scholarships to attend Holy Family Day Home. Please support the Embrace-A-Child Scholarship Fund by contributing a full ($5,000) or partial scholarship.


Maria Sujo

Maria Sujo

HFDH’s new Preschool Site Supervisor, Maria Sujo, is a consummate professional and role model for teachers. “I stand in solidarity with HFDH because of the quality education and care they provide is not limited to children and their families, but extended to the staff. At the Day Home I have been treated with the type of dignity and respect that has propelled me to advance my profession, pedagogy, and my livelihood as a woman of color.”

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  • Annual and monthly donations are our primary resource for support. These gifts are generally a direct gift of cash or a pledge contribution and can be mailed to the Development Department or made here via PayPal.
  • Special events include the Coming Home Gala, the Young Professionals Coming Home Cocktail Party and other fundraising events.
  • Honorarium gifts are made on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other milestones.
  • Memorial gifts are a meaningful way to honor your loved ones while giving a child the foundation for a brighter future. A bequest specifying HFDH as a recipient in your will assures that your legacy will endure beyond your lifetime.

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