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We are sharing this story with you because it represents many children at the Day Home who come to us from difficult situations seeking strong teachers and nourishment of body, spirit, and mind. We are going to ask your help in supporting them. But first, hear her story.

It begins at night, under a moon...


Ivy is watching for the moon to come up.
It’s cold, and she wears a thick jacket she got from school.


Ivy has a big view of the sky because she sleeps in a car.

When she feels afraid, she snuggles closer to her Mama.


Ivy gets up early to get ready for school.

I’m so stressed, her Mom says, and she hurries Ivy.
Ivy doesn’t know what stressed is,

But she wishes it would go away.


Ivy goes to school at Holy Family Day Home.


Before Ivy goes to her classroom,
She eats breakfast together with her Mom.

Ivy loves this time.

She hopes the day will be full of excitement...


When Ivy gets to class,
Teacher starts the day
by singing songs.

Ivy’s favorite is
the Owl Eyes song.
Whoo, whoooooo!
It feels good to sing.


Ivy is proud to be learning to count.

She is also learning the alphabet.

Her name has an I and a V and a Y.


There are reptile guests at school today!
Why are they bumpy? she asks.

And she learns about the desert, where the lizard lives.
Ivy would like to see a desert.



Ivy eats lunch family style with her classmates.
Sometimes she is shy, but today she meets a new friend.
Mariano makes her laugh.
It feels good to smile.


Outside in the yard, Ivy chases the chickens, and sees the tomatoes growing, and makes mud pies in the dirt.



Today Ivy finds something special in the chicken coop.

A blue egg, freshly lain.

Ivy thinks it is too beautiful to eat.

The day is getting late, and it's almost time to go home...


At the end of the day, Ivy is so happy to see her Mom again.
Mom is smiling. She says her case is going well.
Ivy doesn’t know what a case is,
but she's glad to see her Mom is not stressed!


Sometimes Ivy goes to her Aunt’s house after school,

She and her Mom eat dinner and watch TV there.
But tonight her Auntie is working,

and they have no place to go today but their car.


So Ivy counts the cars outside.
1… 2… 3…





Ivy thinks about the desert, her new friend Mariano, and the color of the leaves on the tree in the yard.
What did you do in school today, Ivy? Asks Mom,


But Ivy is already fast asleep.

What will the next chapter in her story be?

You can help determine that by giving what you can today. We will give Ivy the best foundation we can for her physical, social, emotional, and academic growth as long as she remains in our care.

Please help us continue to care for children like Ivy by taking a moment to give a gift right now.