Educating children. Empowering families. Enriching community.


During our long and distinguished history our core values have played a vital role in meeting the needs of our families: the best interest of each child, family partnerships, healthy self-esteem for all, and excellence in all we do. They are fundamental to our success and define who we are.

The Best for Each Child

We believe that we are our children’s advocates in partnership with their working parents and guardians; therefore, we also believe we must consider, recommend and encourage at all times what is in the best interest of each child. In every decision or activity that affects each child, we believe we must consider their healthy social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual well-being and development.

Long-Term Family Partnerships

We believe each child needs a healthy, stable home life in which they can continue to learn and grow; therefore, we must support the needs of each child’s family. The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their healthy development, and therefore we are committed to continuous service for both the child and the family. By consistently supporting parents in dealing with societal and life pressures over this period of time, as well as educating and caring for their children, we believe family members will be better able to maintain nurturing relationships and insure a healthy and productive future. This is even more necessary during crises of homelessness, joblessness, violence and poverty which can devastate a family. We believe that the cycle of poverty can end when education, hope and opportunity begin.

Healthy Self-Esteem For All

We believe that self-esteem is critical for positive, healthy development. With the awareness that one is loved and valued, any individual is enabled to freely develop their talents, self-expression and problem-solving skills, and is able to become an independent thinker and life-long learner. An atmosphere of love, acceptance and respect for cultural and individual differences of all forms is critical to realizing our mission and each individual’s self-esteem whether they are children or adults. We value individual differences and realize that supportive teamwork among staff and parents is required to accomplish our mission. This is the primary reason we are not just a school. We are a “home away from home.”

Excellence in All That We Do

We are committed to the highest quality service, care and management of the organization since we are entrusted with our parents’ and guardians’ most precious gifts—their children—our society’s future. We believe that excellence is achieved with teamwork; by ongoing staff development; by appropriately involving those affected by decisions in the decision-making process; and by dedicating ourselves to the creation of a highly productive, well maintained, nurturing environment for all children, their families and our staff. We also value the public’s trust of their donated resources to our children and families. We believe that a well-managed and fiscally-sound organization allows for excellence, and that the maximum amount of resources is spent directly on the program and service delivery.